Quality Soft Jaws for Lathe chuck 60 90 120 Angle

Quality Soft Jaws for Lathe chuck 60 90 120 Angle

Soft and hard jawsrefer to the device used to clamp the workpiece on the machine tools.

  • This soft claw is used for CNC lathe chucks, it is suitable for most all brands like as KRUT,MZG,SGSCHAW, SAMCHULLY.
  • We provide satandrd and flat types,  60° 90° 120°angle also are available by us
  • General materials for soft jaws are low carbon steel,and hardness ≤HRC47.
  • Soft jaws can improve product quality and output in mass production


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Quality Soft Jaws for Lathe chuck 60 90 120 Angle。

What is the difference between soft and hard claws?
1. The clamping object is different from
Hard claws are used to clamp hard materials such as bars and blanks. The soft jaw clamping material is soft steel, copper, aluminum and other materials.

2. The production process is different
Soft jaws are relatively soft jaws that have not been heat-treated or tempered. Hard claws need to have Rockwell hardness above 48 after heat treatment.

3. Different ways of use
The soft jaws can be made closer to the arc of the product according to the size of the product at any time, so that the clamping is relatively stable and the accuracy will be slightly higher than that of the hard jaws, and it is not likely to clamp the print on the product. The standard chuck is a soft jaw. Hard claws are easy to leave marks on the workpiece and are used for blanks and pipes with low progress requirements.

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