Mold Standardized parts industry market demand development prospects in 2020

The mold is called the “mother of industry”, which is a processing tool that processes raw materials and gives them a complete configuration and precise dimensions. They are mainly used for efficient and mass production of related parts in industrial products. according to different molding methods, molds can be divided into injection molds, stamping molds, die-casting molds, and forging molds; depending on the processing accuracy, molds can be Divided into ordinary precision molds and precision molds. With the development of [...]

Free trade agreement meaning(RECP)on the mold industry

Inject strong impetus into regional and global economic growth-Interpretation of the impact of the signing of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RECP))on the mold industry CHINA shanghai Free Trade Zone On November 15, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) was signed. After 8 years of negotiations, the world’s largest free trade zone was finally announced and officially set sail. Covering the largest population, the most diverse member structure, and the greatest potential for development… What is the significance of the [...]

Die and mould industrial fair

Milan,Italy.Time: May 2th-7th.2010.Booth: M48    Shanghai New International Expo Centre ,China.Time:June18 -21,2010   euro mold Frankfurt/Main,Germany, Time:November.25-28,2014   canton fair SDMP ( OCT.15-19, 2015)  118TH CANTON FAIR   International   Pavilion  

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