Shipment and Return


1. Claims on Quality and Quantity
1.1. Claims which may arise in respect to quality and quantity of the Goods shall be accepted by Seller within 30 calender days from the date of arrival of the Goods at the place of destination at Buyers country. Such a claim shall be considered within 10 days.
1.2. Shall the Goods proved to be defected, shortage or lossed within the term specified in clause 1.1., the Seller is to compensate in full the damage, shortage or loss caused to the Buyer by the delivery of Goods which have deviations in quality and quantity.

1.3. In case the defects are detected (and the defects proved by related documents include pictures, video etc from buyer), Buyer has the right draw up a financial claim to the Seller.
A claim shall includes the following expenses:
● the value of the lot of Goods on FOB Ningbo;
● transport costs for import of defected Goods and for delivery of quality products;
● custom dues and charges paid by the Buyer by import of defected Goods;
other expenses connected with the delivery of the rejected Goods.

Above all depend on mutual-benefit and friendly consultation.

2. Arbitration

●All disputes and differences, which may arise out of the Contract or in connection with it, are to be settled by the parties in an amicable way to the maximum possible extent. Should the parties fail to reach an agreement a case shall be submitted to Arbitration Court in loading place in accordance with the National Law.

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