Die & Mould parts

  • 2019 mould date stamp insert and recycle indicator

    DME standard date pin with high quality

    1)Material is SUS420 or similar
    2)Hardness is HRC48-52
    3)Type: only year;only month; year&month

    4)Standard Size(mm):D*L= 4X6, 5X8,6X8,8×10,10×10,12×12,16×14,20×14

    Mold date insert technical specification

  • Air poppets valves similar CUMSA DME HASCO

    Air poppets in metric and inch size.•Material: SUS420 or SUS 420 stainless steel ANSI, 1.4034  DIN .•Hardened:48˜52HRC. •Air pressure: 1.5˜6 BARS.•Products made in China as per DIN or ANSI standard.•Woking temperature: 220-260 centigrade degree.•Working life: about 1 million under correct operation.

  • Ball cage standard compact ultra compact type

    Types:Standard ball cage retainer,Compast ball cage retainer,Ultra compact ball cage retainer( brass aluminum plastic base)Material:Base made of material alloy brass, plastic(resin pom),alloy aluminum.Aluminum can plate in bule black gold.Ball: GCr15 (chrome steel)
    Grade:Ball steel must upon grade G10 roundness tolerance within 0.0025mm

    Standard ball cage specification download

  • China Manufacturer of quality guide pillar black oxide and sandblast finish

    Material: Skd61, suj2,16CrNi4,1.7262,100Cr6,AC45 or equivalent
    Hardness: HRC58~62.
    Use for plastic and metal casting die
    Heat treatment: carburized and fine grinding.
  • Conical head ejector in Din1530d

    All ejector pin 60 º head formed by automatic machine according din1530d.The maximum working temperature is under 250 centigrade degree.

    Material usually in din 1.2067(suj2),1.2210,1.2510 or as per customer special request.

    Full body headness: 60±2 HRC, head hardness 45±5HRC

    DIN1530D specification download

  • Cooling liquid spray pipe for CNC lathes

    China made CNC lathe cooling tube is suitable for the spray cooling fluid on the machine, or for air blast cooling, spark machine injection such as spray cooling liquid or washing agent.  There are one base with one tube, two tubes or three tubes

  • CVPL mould shot counter 7 digit

    •Material: glass filled nylon housing
    •Standard: Hasco, Misumi, JIS, DME,DIN etc. and non standard customize is available
    •Type: CVPL-100/200,CVEX-100/200,CVIN-100/200
    •Size: 48mm x 38mm x 24mm.
    •Punch shaft:6mm,10mm
  • Cylindrical head punch Iso8020a

    cylindrical head round body precision punches per iso8020a.

    material we usually use is HSS(1.3343,M2),HWS(1.2080) chrome alloy steel.

    head hardness=50±5 shaft hardness=60±2.Fine grinding and strict heattreatment technology make it have good finish and realible quality perfprmance.

    Stock medium size under 12mm ID all through year for your urgent need.

    DIN ISO8020 punch specification

  • DIN and JIS quality skd61 ejector sleeve

    MATL:WAS(≈1.2344,1.2343,SKD61)Hot work die steel
    WS: (≈1.2210, 1.2516,1.2067)
    Hardened and Nitrided
    Surface: min HV950 0.3 (≈HRC67) Body: HRC60-62
    Core: HRC45-45 Bright or black on demand

    Ejector sleeve specification

  • DIN Ejector pin according HASCO DME MISUMI

    produce ejector pin according DIN,JIS, HASCO, DME standard

    Material: Skd61, HSS, 1.3343, suj2, C45,
    Hardness: Head Hrc45-50, body Hrc 58-60

    Heat treatment and oil quenching, temper-ted make the ejector pin have heavy hardness and high ductility, then prolong the working life.
    Use for injection mold, plastic mould and industry producing.

  • Ejector blade in Din1530FAH

    Flat ejector pin with cylindrical head nitrided per Din1530FAH,Din1530F.

    Material in H13(1.2344) or WS(1.2080),1.2210,1.2067(SUJ2).

    Hardness: Head=455 HRC, shaft=602HRC. Surface nitrided=HV950-980 (h13),Core=40˜45HRC.Tin,TiAlN,Tic coating for choice.

  • Guide Post and Bushing fit Die Set

    SDMP produce plain guide bushing equivalent quality Misumi typeMDB( devcon adhesive type) LDB( locatite adhesive type) LFB(copper alloy type) LDBZ(oil-free type) LFBZ( copper alloy oil-free type).All bushing made of quality suj2 (chrome alloy steel) hardened HRC 58~64

    Guide posts wen can make include Detachable post type and Press fit post types: MRP  BRPM(for movable stopper STM) BRPK (for fixed stopper STK)MSP BSPM(for movable stopper STM) BSPK( for fixed stopper STK). All guide posts made of SUJ2 hardened HRC48~64.

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