SWZ Coil Spring in MISUMI Ultral Heavy Load

SWZ Coil Spring in MISUMI Ultral Heavy Load

SWZ Coil Spring according MISUMI Ultral Heavy Load is made from quality cold oil- tempered spring steel 50CRVA Alloy steel.This springs specially developed for customers’high requirements. Compared with SWB series springs, under same conditions,the load is 1.6~2.0times of SWB, can save much mold space and reduce spring consumption quantity.

There are complete conventies in our stocks for regular sizes, any urgent order we can send in 2 working days.

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●Material: cold oil tempered spring steel
Under the same specifications and the same number of uses as SWB, the load is about 1.6~2 times that.
The spring constant is approximately 2.5 times that of SWB. Save mold space and reduce the number of springs used.
● SWZ is powder-coated and it is more difficult to peel off than general coating.
The outer diameter tolerance is 0.5, which is different from other rectangular springs.

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