Quality Nylon Parting Lock in Rich Stocks

Quality Nylon Parting Lock in Rich Stocks

Parting lock for injection mould industry in color blue,white,yellow,orange,black.Normal quality can work under 180 centigrade degree,top quality can work under 260 centigrade degree.When order please advise temperature.


Material :High grade Nylon+SCM435

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Feature and Structure

1)Material: Nylon Resin + strength alloy steel, JIS standard.

2)Using method:. Use sloping screw to adjust mold plate and parting locks, turn 1/4 Parting locks can be open-close to 50,000 times.

3) Easy to assemble and disassemble.

4). Can also be installed into small, medium size, and 2-sectional injecting metal pipes, or can be installed on sliding bases.

5).Mold weight <100kg using 4 pieces of 12Ø, Mold weight < 500kg, using 4 piece of 16Ø, Mold weight <1,000kg using 4 piece of 20Ø, Mold weight >1,000kg, using at least 6 piece.

6).Insert parting Locks into die mold about 3cm, then using H 7 reamer 10 process mold hole within +0. 1mm.

7).Process female mold surface to the shape R. If chamfering C, life cycle will shorten.

8).Do not add oil and grease on parting locks, Or else the friction will reduce.

9). Colour : white, Yellow, Orange, Blue for choice

10).Package: Small packed in box 12 pieces each with installation instruction


 Packing details in below

SIZED * L PCS / plastic box plastic box(90*112*205mm) / CartonKGS / Carton
M5 X Φ10 10*18129 KGS 1.70 
M6 X Φ1212*20129 KGS 1.75 
M6 X Φ1313*20129 KGS 1.80 
M8 X Φ16 16*25129 KGS 3.20 
M10 X Φ2020*30106 KGS 2.80 

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