HSS punch conical head DIN19861D 9861DA

Make round precision percing punches per DIN9861D,DIN9861DA

Mateiral: HSS(1.3343),HWS(1.2080),WS(1.2516,1.2210,1.2067),cpm10v

Hardened: head =HRC 45±5(HWS,WS) HRC55±5(HSS) Body =HRC62± 2(HWS) HRC64±2(HSS)

hws=heavy duty tool steel(12% chrome), hss= heavy duty high speed stee,cpm10v=power metallurgy produced high speed steel

DIN9861D technical spec

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The punch shaft though accurately grinded and straightened, the head is
reprocessed after anneal. This way make the punch have good tolerance and stable quality.

at least 4 times salt-bathing make it has good hardness.

OD(outer diameter) we can make is from 0.5mm to 15. Length is 71,80 100,130mm

Surface coating: TIN,TIC,TIAL make surface hardness more than 1500HV-2000.

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