Make Polyurethane rod solid and hollow full sizes

SDMP provide China and Germany made  polyurethane rod Solid and hollow •OD is 3 ~100mm.Length is 10~500mm•during the wide hardness Shao A45 to Shao A90•It is ideal mould spring.
Comparing  to ordinary plastic and rubber.
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Green– max deflection 20% of free length -SH95

Red- max deflection 25% of free length-SH90

Yellow– max deflection 30% of free length-SH85

Polyurethane is also an indispensable industrial materials.
Feature:For example, through molecular design the abrasion strength reached the best elastomer, polyurethane elastomer with resistance to chemical corrosion, tensile strength, high elasticity, high pressure load, wear and abrasion resistance of high strength, shock resistance, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high strength, high load bearing and shock absorption buffer good performance.
In the wide range of hardness (Shao A45 to Shao D90) can maintain a high elasticity. Its outstanding unique comprehensive performance is the ordinary plastic and rubber do not have.
Application:Used in metallurgy, mine, petroleum, automobile, building materials, sports, heavy machinery, large stamping equipment shock absorbing cushion, cushion block, spring, and each kind of metal plate, tube rushed mold material. The friction of universal mechanical equipment, the buffer or damping effect, is the ideal mould spring.


Article D (OD)L(Length)d(ID)
PLD 10200/300/500
PLD 15200/300/5007.5
PLD 20200/300/5008.5
PLD 25200/300/50011
PLD 30200/300/50014
PLD 40200/300/500
PLD 50200/300/500
PLD 60200/300/500
PLD 80200/300/50022
PLD 100200/300/500
Part No: for example PLD-10*7.5*200 Y
10=OD 7.5=ID 200=Length  Y=yellow

China made long lifetime polyurethane sell in competitive price

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