Threaded Hollow pin Din7979

DIN 7979 /ISO8736A  Dowel pin (parallel pins)  made of hardened steel and stainless steel. GB/T 119.2-2000 | GB/T 119-1986  How to order: DIN7979matl: d1*L*= qty(pcs)

DIN 7979 Inner thread hollow pin specification free download

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1)Material:SS304,S45C,SuJ2,1.3505,1.2067,100Cr6 or similar. Hardened: HRC58-62.

2)Dowel Pins also refer to parallel pins, they are commonly used to retain parts in a fixed position or to preserve alignment. Accurate dia. tolerance: m6/h6, length: +/ -0.010. they are chamfered at both ends for easy insertion. Wide dimensions for selection and use.316 stainless steel dowel pin with good Corrosion resistance.

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